Mauri Kunnas

Pawchester Tales: Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle (Tassulan tarinoita: Hurja-Harri ja pullon henki)

The travelling carnival has come to Pawchester, and all the youngsters are flocking to see the world-famous motorcycle daredevil, Hurricane Harry! Old Man Dracula, on the other hand, just wants to get his hands on Spiritus Butelli Babylonicus, the powerful but timid genie-in-the-bottle on display at the Phantom Cabaret.When Hurricane Harry’s rubber-burning manoeuvre kicks up a hail of gravel and smashes the bottle, the genie escapes and the whole town is thrown into chaos. Packed with high speed and high jinks, Mauri Kunnas’s new offering is ideal for little petrol-heads!


27 pages / 230 x 290 mm / 2010 / Four-colour illustrations