Santa and the Magic Drum (Joulupukki ja noitarumpu)

Odd things are happening in Santa’s village with Christmas just around the corner. Who peppered the cookies? Who switched off the Northern Lights? And why has the computer come down with a virus just when Santa Claus was about to solve his most vexing Christmas gift problem? The last of the Christmas list letters have just arrived by plane at Santa’s village. Among them is an odd doodle on strangely yellowed paper. It’s signed “Rascal,” but what is it supposed to depict?  Someone is pestering Santa Claus. Who can it be? And what in the world for?

Mauri Kunnas again invites you to join the fun – this time on a rollicking yuletid adventure!

56 pages / 230 x 290 mm / 2010 / Four-colour illustrations / L 85.25 / ISBN 978-951-1-24727-2