Pawchester Tales: Seven Aunts and a Hidden Treasure (Tassulan tarinoita: Seitsemän tätiä ja aarre)

Pawchester is celebrating the 100th birthday of Mr. Clutterbuck’s great grandmother! Cicely Clutterbuck’s 100th birthday brings to town Mr. Clutterbuck’s seven aunts. The story aunt-Effie tells about a long-lost treasure chest is so exciting that the children cannot believe their ears. They decide to go on a treasure hunt. The very next night, Mr. Clutterbuck has company on his nocturnal walkabout, and by morning everyone is in for a huge surprise.

This is the third volume in Mauri Kunnas’s new series of Pawchester Tales books, following on from the 2003 successes Elusive Elvis and Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present.

30 pages / 230 x 290 mm / 2004 / Four-colour illustrations