Mr Clutterbuck On the Go

Every toddler’s best friend Mr Clutterbuck is on the go! Hey ho and off we go! Attach baby’s first book to a pram or high chair, and entertainment for a rush hour bus, at the dinner table or queuing at the supermarket is guaranteed.

Pawchester Tales

The action-packed Pawchester Tales now in a fantastic omnibus! The stories from the small town of Pawchester have been collected in a single volume: Elusive Elvis, Seven Aunts and a Hidden Treasure, Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present and Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle. Featuring, needless to say, none other than Mr Clutterbuck, the […]

Mr Clutterbuck’s Book of Hobbies and Activities

Join Mr Clutterbuck on an adventure in the world of hobbies! Who is into collecting parking tickets, RPGs or chatting online? Mr Clutterbuck introduces you to the world of hobbies, figuring out mazes, solving puzzles and colouring in tasks.

Mr Clutterbuck’s Musical Lullaby Book

Mr Clutterbuck’s Musical Lullaby Book brings you a treasure trove of Finnish lullabies. The book illustrated with Kunnas’ characters contains nearly 50 beloved lullabies. And the lyrics, melodies and professional accompaniment are only a button-press away.

Mr. Clutterbuck’s Funny Hobbies

The Pawchester residents have all sorts of hobbies: one skateboards, another rides horses, a third makes things from clay, a fourth climbs up walls. The Hotdogs’ son Ahti even has sixteen hobbies! How on earth do other people have so much time for all these circus tricks, Mr. Clutterbuck wonders. The hobbies of Pawchester’s noble […]

Moo! – Loud Animals

These entertaining picture books help children learn to name and recognize vehicles from cars to locomotives and creatures of nature from sheep to cows. Pressing the sound buttons completes the delight.

Beep Beep!

These entertaining picture books help children learn to name and recognize vehicles from cars to locomotives and creatures of nature from sheep to cows. Pressing the sound buttons completes the delight.

My Family (Minun perheeni)

This book will also delight future generations! This fill-in book is a good present for all ages: newborns, first communicants, turning-50’s, godparents and grandmas! The story of your immediate and extended family gets easily forgotten if it is not collected in time. Now you can record for future generations the most meaningful stories, most cherished […]

Great Tales

This handsome adventure gift book carries readers to the worlds of the Vikings, knights and Robin Hood. Mauri Kunnas’s beloved classics The Vikings are Coming!, King Arthur’s Knights and Robin Hood offer excitement and carefully researched information about times past. Includes an author’s preface.

Christmas Tales (Joulutarinat)

An attractive package of three stories celebrates the 30-year history of the Santa Claus book Would you like to take a peek inside the world’s most secret toy workshop? This festive volume includes Mauri Kunnas’ Santa Claus book, as well as the stories Twelve Gifts for Santa Claus and Santa Claus and the Magic Drum, […]

Treasure Island (Aarresaari)

Shiver me timbers, it’s time to dig for treasure! Now this is a book worth waiting for: good old Treasure Island spiced up with Kunnas’s charming animal characters and canny humour.

Santa and the Magic Drum (Joulupukki ja noitarumpu)

Odd things are happening in Santa’s village with Christmas just around the corner. Who peppered the cookies? Who switched off the Northern Lights? And why has the computer come down with a virus just when Santa Claus was about to solve his most vexing Christmas gift problem? The last of the Christmas list letters have […]

The Canine Kalevala (Koirien Kalevala)

The canine national epic, a thrilling adventure, an heroic in the true Kunnas’ style. Long, long ago, when the world was still young, there dwelt in the far-off land of Kalevala a tribe of wild and woolly dogs. Their neighbor in the gloomy north was a pack of mean and wicked wolves. Between them lived […]

Fun Book of Animals (Hauska eläinkirja)

A fun animal book in Kunnas’s distinctive style for the family’s littlest ones. The book presents familiar animals – cows, goats, cats and dogs – and tells about them, how they behave and what they eat. In addition to the real animals, Kunnas introduces animal heroes from his books and shows what they have in common […]

The Silly Picture Dictionary (Hullunkurinen kuvasanakirja)

A little text, lots of pictures – picking up English is easy when you’re learning from a fun book! This colourful Finnish-English picture dictionary encourages eager pre-schoolers and elementary school pupils to practice and learn English on their own. Their vocabulary will grow as they identify and name everyday objects, plus a few that are a bit more exciting: ghosts, pirates, […]

Supernatural. Things that go bump in the night and other mysteries (Kummallisuuksien käsikirja)

A spookily fun reference book for every home! What was that flitting around in the dark? Should we be afraid of vampires and zombies? What is the Bermuda Triangle famous for? And what about dragons and unicorns: books about animals and nature guidebooks don’t say anything about them! This cornucopia of creepy trivia provides a […]