Mr Clutterbuck Goes Astray – Find and Seek (Herra Hakkarainen harhateillä – Etsi ja löydä)

Mr Clutterbuck stumbles into the middle of an adventure—fast asleep of course! The reader needs to have their wits about them for this one

Did you find Mr Clutterbuck in the picture? What about the lost gold star, escaped chickens or Steve the Spider? This book wanders from one adventure to the next with the renowned sleepwalker whilst trying to stay as alert as possible. There are so many things to find in the funny and plentiful illustrations! A hawk-eyed reader will have lots of fun with this hilarious and exciting find-and-seek book.


32 pages/ 230x290mm / Four-colour illustrations / L82.22 / ISBN 978-951-1-30748-8