Mr Clutterbuck Goes Astray – Find and Seek (Herra Hakkarainen harhateillä – Etsi ja löydä)

Mr Clutterbuck stumbles into the middle of an adventure—fast asleep of course! The reader needs to have their wits about them for this one Did you find Mr Clutterbuck in the picture? What about the lost gold star, escaped chickens or Steve the Spider? This book wanders from one adventure to the next with the […]

Wakeup, Mr Clutterbuck (Herää, herra Hakkarainen)

How on earth do you wake up a sleepy Mr Clutterbuck? The new fun button books showcase exciting sounds in true Mauri style. The young reader will learn to recognise and name different concepts, and pressing the buttons will add to the delight. The sound button books are just right for a little hand to […]

Kling! Merry Christmas (Kling! Hauskaa joulua)

What sort of noise does a jingle bell make?

Mr Clutterbuck’s Book of Hobbies and Activities

Join Mr Clutterbuck on an adventure in the world of hobbies! Who is into collecting parking tickets, RPGs or chatting online? Mr Clutterbuck introduces you to the world of hobbies, figuring out mazes, solving puzzles and colouring in tasks.

The Christmas Activity Book (Joulupuuhakirja)

What could be more fun than spending time with Santa Claus and other old friends from Mount Korvatunturi? This book is full of brainteasers, picture puzzlers, dot-to-dots, colouring tasks, and all kinds of fun activities for the Christmas season!

The Treasure-Seeker’s Book of Fun (Aarteenetsijän puuhakirja)

Hi-ho, who’s hungry for adventure? Long John Silver and Little Jim have come up with ticklish puzzles and thrilling tasks for boys and girls who love adventure.

The Adventurer’s Activity Book (Seikkailijan puuhakirja)

Colouring and drawing activities, mazes, puzzles and other brain teasers for kids five and over, with the heroes of Mauri Kunnas’ entertaining picture books for inspiration!

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