Mr. Clutterbuck’s Funny Hobbies

The Pawchester residents have all sorts of hobbies: one skateboards, another rides horses, a third makes things from clay, a fourth climbs up walls. The Hotdogs’ son Ahti even has sixteen hobbies! How on earth do other people have so much time for all these circus tricks, Mr. Clutterbuck wonders.

The hobbies of Pawchester’s noble sleepwalker are few in the daytime, but at night the pace is all the wilder. Then Mr. Clutterbuck goes running in high-heeled track shoes, decorates the doghouse and collects mailboxes. No wonder he’s exhausted every morning!

29 pages / 210x297mm / 4-colour illustration / L85.22 / ISBN 979-951-1-27078-2